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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Upon my mum becoming unable to hear anything ! And her words “locked in a world of silence “ I called Lee on the off chance he could see my mum urgently ! He asked her to come in within an hour or so my mum was sent home with a hearing aide to use whilst hers was made up ! A week later we returned and her own was then popped in ! Lee was very patient – professional and my mum felt very at ease with him ! I cannot recommend  Cotswold hearing enough  leigh went above and beyond to make my mum so much happier as she went in not being able to hear anything and left feeling so much better being able to hear everything ! The after care is also amazing hope this review helps anyone thinking of visiting Cotswold hearing ! Many thanks

Teri moult

After months of feeling down and isolated, I decided that now was the time to change my life, so I made an appointment with Leigh at Cotswold Hearing, I was feeling very apprehensive, but Leigh has such a kind, caring approach, he made me feel at ease, after hearing tests, Leigh found my hearing to be 30% reduced in each ear, no wonder I was struggling, after discussing the results I decided to have hearing aids straight away rather than wait for a hospital appointment, I had been struggling for long enough. Leigh was able to advise me on the options available and within a couple of weeks he fitted them for me, the result is amazing! I am feeling happier and more confident than I have for a long time. I can’t thank Leigh enough and would very highly recommend him to anyone in the same situation as I found myself in, it really has changed my life for the better.

Thank you Leigh, I have been enjoying my tea breaks at work, the cinema, the outside world, trips out with the kids, wow, they never stop talking!! It’s been amazing. Take care.

Norma X

I received excellent service from the initial contact to the post hearing aid fitting appointment.  I would recommend Cotswold Hearing to anyone wanting a personal and professional service.

H Groves

“Having had appointments with two major high street hearing aid providers we were introduced by Hidden Hearing to a network of independent providers who receive the most favourable assessments from Which subscribers.. They put us into contact with Leigh Treadaway who visits his clients either in their home or at various locations in the area. The home visit worked well as it is a quiet environment & the hearing aids could be suited to that location in the first instance. If your home is in a noisier location a home visit may not be advisable.  We couldn’t speak more highly of the service Leigh provided. He doesn’t represent a particular manufacturer so was able to provide a choice of recommended aids at very favourable prices. Everything was explained fully & numerous questions patiently answered. We would certainly recommend Leigh to anyone deciding not to go down the NHS route”


Leigh has provided hearing checks and hearing aid care for me over the last two years.  He provides a thorough and professional service with a relaxing and approachable manner.  My hearing needs have been very well met under his care and I am happy to recommend his services.


I was beginning to find myself withdrawing from social occasions and becoming isolated because of my inability to hear well particularly at parties and gatherings or to hear speakers at meetings. Eleven years ago I decided to go for a private hearing test.  I had the great good fortune to see Leigh Treadaway. After doing extensive tests, and listening to my individual needs, he told me what options were available to me. Not only was my hearing transformed but the new hearing system enabled me to return to voluntary work, where I was able to interact with the general public, and to open up my social life once again.Leigh is very thorough, patient, and courteous.  He has always made me feel as if he is there ‘just for me’ and I highly recommend him for his first class service.

J. McPhee 

Leigh was able to fit me in with less than 48hrs notice on the last working day before Christmas for ear irrigation.  I have very tiny ear canals and no amount of drops, as insisted upon by the local surgery, will ever remove my blockages.  They simply have to be syringed.  Leigh gave me my hearing back just in time for Christmas.  He is charming, courteous, patient and reassuringly knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him.

Lisa S

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