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Firstly – Thank you! Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for thinking of using our expertise to help you or a loved one improve your hearing. We are passionate about helping people hear clearly and as the premier Independent provider of hearing aids and ear wax removal in Swindon, it is our mission to help every patient feel as though they have been treated as an individual ensuring all their questions have been answered comprehensively and conclusively.

We pride ourselves on providing hearing care with a personal and friendly approach – we believe we have created the most relaxing environment with state-of-the-art equipment and hearing solutions from all the major hearing aid manufacturers, ensuring our patients gain the clearest hearing and benefit from all the advancements the hearing aid industry has to offer.

Being a truly Independent hearing care company means that we work with all the major hearing aid manufacturers in the industry, ensuring our patients can receive the perfect hearing aid solution that suits their needs rather than being tied to one or two manufacturers like some of the major national high street providers.

At Cotswold Hearing we work with a wide range of industry-leading hearing aid manufacturers


Cotswold Hearing operate from five locations, firstly our main office in Swindon and four associated independent opticians in Malmesbury, Watchfield (Shrivenham near Faringdon), Stow-on-the-Wold and Woodstock. We work with Independent optical outlets who share our vision of customer care and who strive to provide truly independent advice and expertise. We offer Hearing tests, state of the art Hearing aids, Ear wax removal, Hearing protection and tinnitus management/treatment from all our outlets (micro-suction ear wax removal is only available from our Swindon office)

We have over 15 years’ experience within the hearing care industry enabling us to understand the trepidation people feel and difficulties faced when embarking on your hearing journey. On average it takes someone 7 years to decide to improve their hearing (for many varied reasons), we succeed in making that process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We excel in creating a relaxing environment, one in which people feel at home and enabling our patients to ‘open up’ about what they want from their hearing and hearing devices. We enable people to start talking about their hearing issues – whether its complaints of people mumbling, finding the tv volume is getting louder and louder, background noise is problematic or simply finding loved ones are having to repeat themselves more frequently.


Early intervention is key, the earlier hearing loss is treated – the better the outcome. Hearing aids work well if they are adopted early and the effect of auditory deprivation is minimised. Hearing loss is a perfectly natural occurrence, we start losing our hearing on average in our mid-50s, so at Cotswold Hearing we would encourage anyone in their 50s (or older) to have their hearing tested regularly to enable early intervention. We have an online hearing screener on our website that will indicate if someone has a potential issue with their hearing, thus enabling further investigation from a full and in-depth hearing test.

Why choose us? We believe personal care, attention and continuity of service are significantly important. You can be certain of 5 star service, the best level of attentive care and continuity enabling a relationship to be developed that will last years. We believe strongly in value for money, we are a private provider of hearing care services so whether you are paying for a hearing assessment, ear wax removal or state of the art hearing aids we want to ensure you feel you have received value for money. However, value for money is not just about the price of your hearing aids, although we do have a very competitive offering in terms of price and in many instances are less expensive than the national chains like Specsavers and Boots hearing care. Value for money is about attention to detail, expert care and advice along with making sure your hearing solution fits perfectly and that enough time is taken to ensure you have all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to maintain your hearing aids daily for years to come.