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Hearing aids, Hearing protection and ear wax removal.

Cotswold Hearing has been established to provide the people of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire a truly independent provider of Audiology services. Our aim is to provide excellence in audiological care, working with integrity and professional and social responsibility. At Cotswold Hearing you can be confident that our approach is focused and centred on finding the best solution for our patients. Having every manufacturer to choose from means that we are able to find the best solution for you from the leading manufacturers (rather than one or two manufacturers like the large high street providers). Every consultation is structured to ensure we work together to investigate and resolve any issues to the fullest, in a caring and compassionate environment. Our patients needs are always put first and we provide services far above and beyond the expected standards of practice.

We strive to empower our patients to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, embracing our patients psychological and emotional aspects of their care. At Cotswold Hearing we know investing in hearing care can be a challenge – choosing a provider, deciding on the correct style of solution and level of technology to get the best result. Our aim is to have in depth discussions with our patients outlining their desires and providing the solution as quickly as possible. We want to ensure that all information is provided in an easy assimilate manner and that any questions are discussed fully and resolved to the greatest satisfaction.

Our founder Leigh Treadaway MSHAA RHAD has over 13 years experience providing both NHS and private audiology services. He qualified under the Hearing Aid council and is well placed to provide the very best advise and care, ensuring all patients gain the greatest benefit from their hearing systems. Cotswold hearing is a local independent hearing care company who work alongside several local independent health care providers who share the same ethos and patient centred approach. Continuity of care is something we focus on and you can be confidentĀ  that you will always be looked after by the same audiologist – something that we are very proud of and something that sets us apart from our competitors.

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